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Carols in The Square

Wednesday 15th December 2021

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We are proud to once again host this event.
No need to book, just turn up.

Carols will be sung outside.
Lyric booklets provided!

Led by the Penarth A Cappella Choir
Sound Women*

Meet outside All Saints church entrance from 5:45pm.
Singing to start at
will last approximately 40 minutes.

Post-Singing Activities TBC

This is a free event, though we will also be fundraising for ourselves,
so any donations welcome.
& will include a plant sale by donation.

Dress for the weather & please wear sensible footwear in case you have to be on the grassed areas.

Night Event so Bring a torch/lantern!

This event will also coincide with the end of
Victoria Primary School's "Lanterns In The Square"

Don't forget to leave us Feedback afterwards 

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Event FAQs

How Wheelchair Accessible is this event?
The event takes place outside on level ground. There are paths across The Square leading to it, which we are also using as part of our audience space.

Will seating be provided?
This is primarily a standing event, and at this stage we cannot confirm whether we can provide any seating for those who may need it. If you wish to sit during proceedings, it is recommended you bring your own chair.

Will there be refreshments at this event?
Due to changes in the way we have to do things this year we have not yet finalised whether we will be providing refreshments. Confirmation of any will only be made at the event.

The inside of the church was used post-singing last time you held this (2019). Is this not the case this time?
Because of current restrictions on indoor events caused by the present global issue AND All Saint's Church's own policies regarding masks and limited numbers, we have decided that our likely option is to hold the entire event outside. Due to potential expected numbers it would be impossible to accommodate everyone at once, or have a way of safely filter them up and down to The Mezzanine in a safe and timely manner. We will hopefully still be able to use the church's facilities to aid us where possible for other means.

Any other restrictions?
This is an outdoor event that involves singing, so masks are not practical in that regard. We simply urge people to use best practice and common sense in regards to their attending.

What is the fundraising aspect of this event?
Any monetary donation contributions for us will be much appreciated. We will also have a number of plants available that can be taken for a voluntary contribution.

Aside from helping to cover some costs of running this event, we will also look to use anything left over to help fund future projects and events.

FoVS is a Community Group run by volunteers, which has charity status under our parent group The Penarth Civic Society. While we are partly funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Welsh Government Woodland Scheme, their grants have restrictions on what we can spend their money on. Additional fundraising made through public contributions will help us to provide the things these cannot supply.

This information may be altered and updated between now and just prior to this event, so please check again after this has happened. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook Page (feed available on the home page) for any sudden alerts & announcements.


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