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Cross-Community Connections

What are our Cross-Community Connections?

There are many other community groups & organisations in and around the town of Penarth that either have similar interests as us, or we work with for various projects, collaborations or exchanges of knowledge, resources, services, & ideas. Some of our members are even members of these groups, which is great as it helps to strengthen our relationships between us all.

Many of these groups are helping to establish and maintain a network of connections, not only so we can help promote each other, but also to ensure we can help direct people towards a particular group that might either be better suited for their needs (in terms of what they offer), or volunteering preferences. Plus we can also look to see what events we each hold may clash, or we can invite each other to be a part of.

The following is a list of local groups added as part of this scheme.
Please also see the work done by Penarth Growing Community (herehere*) to create a directory, and also our Community Events Calendar, where you'll be able to see many of the public events ourselves and other groups are running.

Penarth Civic Society (PCS)

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