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Log Piles &

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What is are Log Piles & Stumperies?

These are both functional and decorative elements of The Square. The Log Piles are made up of piled logs that have come from the trees of The Square that had to be felled after the 2019 Tree Survery found they were in very poor health. The stumps are of course the remains of where they were positioned.

In and around these we have added several types of plants, a mixture of hardy, leafy ones as well as annual flowering ones.

Why we chose to build them

In our effort to maintain conservation within The Square we didn't want to waste all the wood that had come from the felled trees, get rid or it, or turn it all into wood chip. It was decided to make these decorative features instead.

Aside from being useful places to grow plants, they can also serve another purpose... that being offering areas small creatures such as mini-beasts and little mammals can hide in, and find food. Birds too can then explore to find these creatures as a food source for themselves.

While we have planted some cultivated plants, wild ones will still grow amongst them, as well as any fungus that can live on wood, or in the soil on and around them. As the wood decays it will also provide sustenance to things.

How we built them

Log Piles
You might think the basic answer is simply - we piled up the wood to make the log piles, but there was some care taken with their construction. We had to make sure they were stable, especially if anyone decided to climb on them (which is not encouraged).

Once a stable arrangement was created, some soil was added into the gaps and cracks where plants could later be put. As each pile is different, this varied, and allowed for a uniquenss 

As the stumps were already in place, little was done to prep them, other than, like the Log Piles, some soil was added where plants were to be placed.

Please note this information is currently lacking details as they are pending from source. This will be updated as soon as available.

Interesting Fact.

One of the Stumperies used to be an Apple Tree (so at least one of the Log Piles contains Applewood).

What is growing there

To Be Confirmed


There are several Log Piles and Stumperies around the Square. Most are easily viewable from the paths, though some can only be reached across the grass.

How you should help to protect it.

Look but don't touch.
Please do not climb on them.

Please do not pick the flowers or take the plants from them.
Avoid touching the fungus, as we cannot guarantee its safeness.

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