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We now have all our public events listed on our parent organisation's website, along with their events and those of our sibling sub-groups. You can also acquire tickets for events that offer them through them.

You can also find some of our events listed on our Facebook Page.

To find out what the different event types mean, see the Key at the bottom.

For other local events not listed here, please also see:

Event Types
Public Events
Members Events 
Committee Only Events 
Cross-Community Events
Non FoVS Community Events
Noteworthy Dates
UK Holidays
National & International
Awareness Days

Want to add these calendars to your own, so you are automatically updated? Click the above text.

Event Types

  • Public Events (Green) - Any event run by us and open to non-members. This can include big community events held at The Square to smaller ones such as talks and demonstrations.

  • Members Events (Yellow)Any event only open to members of FoVS (or restricted invite to certain non-members that might have a relevance to attend).

  • Committee Only Events (Pink) - Only committee members & invited Key Support members are to attend.

  • Cross-Community Events (Blue) - Events that either we are running in collaboration with other community groups, or they are running and we are a part of.

  • Non FoVS Community Events (Brown) - Events belonging to other community groups that we are promoting, either via sharing their calendar, or listing ourselves on this site (but are not attending officially as FoVS). We also include them here to ensure people are aware of any possible date clashes.

  • Noteworthy Dates (Salmon)Special dates in the FoVS / Victoria Square or local history calendar

  • UK Holidays (Grey) - UK public holiday events. This calendar is auto-generated by Google itself.

  • National & International Awareness Days (lilac) - Events happening around the UK / The World that have some relation to our work (and we may hold some events based around these themes).

Events Colour Key
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