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What is a Deadwood Hedge?

A Deadwood Hedge is not an ordinary hedge that has simply been left to die. It is in fact a fence line constructed of dead wood that has been piled up and held in place with upright stakes.

Why we chose to build one.

The Deadwood Hedge serves as a border for our Community Garden. It was also built as a way of giving space to small, local wildlife to inhabit. Things like mini-beasts can climb inside for shelter and warmth, while small, larger creatures such as field-mice and hedgehogs might also do the same. It could also become a nesting place for birds.

However, as it is built beside an actively used space by us humans, we are less likely to get anything larger than mini-beasts using it. It is early days of the construct though, so we will be watching it to see what actually happens.

How we built it

Firstly the area in which we wish to build it is measured and marked out.

Spot markings are place (nominally about 1m apart) to indicate where the upright posts that will hold the wood in place laterally will go. They are also spaced wide enough apart to give the hedge some depth (in this case approximately 50cm to the outside edges.

Once the posts have been driven into the ground, the main construction can begin. This simply consists of selecting suitable lengths of wood that can be piled lengthwise between the posts.
More details are coming to this page soon as we are currently building an extension to the hedge, so will be able to follow first-hand how it is done, and get some accompanying photos.

Interesting Facts

There is an art to its construction. We'll tell you how when this page is updated.
In December 2021 we extended the hedge. Not only did this help create a corner of the Community Garden where we are adding some log seating, but it also gave us the opportunity to add a Bee Hotel to the structure (more on that in a later update).

What is growing there

You may be confused by this entry, because it is known as The Deadwood Hedge. However we have also planted a number of plants along its edge. These are mainly roses, which can be attached to The Hedge in order to add some living decoration. This will further encourage small wildlife to visit it.
There are also some strawberry plants, though whether we'll get to them before the animal do is yet to be discovered.


The Deadwood Hedge is situated around The Community Garden, across a grassed area (though inside the garden is currently a wood-chipped floor.
It is completely viewable from the South Driveway Path.

How you should help to protect it.

Please do not climb on or lean on the Deadwood Hedge. 
While it will not so much hurt it, it may still cause damage to the structure and injury to yourself.
There are also some
thorny roses and occasional bramble stem in there.
The hedge itself needs regular maintenance. As things settle and decay further, gaps will appear, things will come loose and the whole thing will look like it's sunk. This means it requires topping up with wood, and repairing where things have failed. This is usually done by our volunteers as part of their site-work.

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