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Physical Projects

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In addition to the major elements of The Square listed in the other pages, we also have some minor physical projects dotted around. And there are also some things we didn't create, but others did...

We also run several Activity Projects that utilise both The Square and our Phyiscal Projects, and our the collective knowledge, experise and experiences of our members.

Bird & Bat Boxes

We have a number of them put up around The Square. Some were put up in late 2020/early 2021 while others were put up in November 2021.

This includes on the former trees that are now monoliths.

Wildlife Feeders

When we ran the Post Halloween Pumpkin After Party in October 2021, we put up a number of flat platforms ino the trees as a means of placing pumpkin for the animals that could eat them to find (elevated to stop hedgehogs from getting to it.)

We noticed members of the public visiting The Square were also putting food onto them, so decided to leave them there for this purpose. Anyone is allowed to do this, so long as the food is suitable for the local wildlife (and is not meat, fish or dairy).

The Stick Shelter

This is currently a bit of a mystery as we are unsure as to who actually built it (as it was not an FoVS project). Built against what was Tree48, it unfortunately had to be removed when the tree was being dismantled. Whether it will be put back is unknown.

The Dens

Again, another Non-FoVS physical element. Dotted around The Square are a number of trees and bushes large enough to act like a den for playful children to hide in.

Fun Fact: The One nearest the West Corner has now been nicknamed 'The Outdoor Office' as it is possible to sit down on one of the portable logs, place a laptop on another, and a cuppa coffee on another. It may even have wifi access...?

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