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FoVS Group Ideas

If you've come across this Page then you have found our list of all the ideas we as a group are coming up with, playing around with and ultimately deciding whether we want to implement any of them.

All the ideas listed here have come from our many members, and it doesn't matter if they're small or big, cheap or might cost us a bit, we've added them here for consideration now, and possible usage later on.

If you have an idea you'd like to include here, please Contact Us using the form below. We can accept ideas from non-members too.

REMEMBER! This is just a list of ideas people have suggested. IT DOES NOT MEAN we will be using them. We do have to take into consideration many factors for some of these (including such things like viability, council permission and even popularity) so the process to go from this simple list to an actual working element is not easy. PLEASE DO NOT voice your objections at this time!

Thank you.

Many of the ideas on here have either come through casual chats amongst volunteers, general feedback from members / the public, random ideas people have suddenly had and also the General Meeting on 6th October 2021, where we got together to discus this sort of thing.

Project Ideas

  • Mini Ponds - small bodies of water for water-life to enjoy

  • Nocturnal / Dusk wildlife surveys / spotting

  • wildlife surveys

  • Observational Hibernacula

Amenities at The Square

  • More Benches / Seating Area (besides council ones) / Event Seating

  • More litter bins

  • Gazebo (Like the Bandstand in Alexandra Park) with electricity

  • Interactive Guide tags

  • Water collection barrels for church roof water

  • Path lighting / Solar / Solar Glow markings 

  • Anti-slip matting around Raised Beds

  • FoVS Noticeboards at the North & West corners of The Square

  • Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

  • A Tree Swing!

Member Development

  • Training for Group members in various things

  • - Gardening techniques

  • - Environmental Awareness

  • - Community Engagement presentations

  • - Delivering Educational talks etc.

Group Activities

  • Group Get-Togethers to discuss specific projects

  • - Conservation

  • - Gardening

  • - Website

  • Group Socials

  • Community Engagement presentations

Public & Cross Community

  • Working with other local groups with similar interests

  • Public Events at The Square

  • Cross-Community Events at The Square with other like-minded groups.

  • Penarth Open Gardens Trail Point

  • Schools (Primary & Secondary) environmental and conservation projects

  • - Other Youth Groups

  • Public Open Day guided tours

  • Public Education Events (Talks)

  • Invitations to local Photographers (amateur, aspiring & professional) to use our work for theirs.

  • Penarth Ramblers urban garden tour in association with other gardens

Website Ideas

  • Group Forum

  • Free-Press Page

  • Community Group Promotion

  • - Events Promotion

  • Ideas Page (listing all our ideas)

Misc. Ideas

  • Misc

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