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Become a member of Friends of Victoria Square, and receive regular updates from us on news & events, as well as invites to attend members-only activities. [1]
Membership is FREE.
Membership is open to all adults
Children can become members through their parent / guardian's membership [2]

You do not have to be a resident of Victoria Square
You do not have to be a member of All Saints Church
You do not even have to be a resident of Penarth!!! [3]
You do need to sign up in order to participate in Action/Activity Work Days
& receive Members' Events Invites.

Participate as much or as little as your time permits. We make no demands of our volunteers.
We would however, welcome any donation you may wish to make to help Support Us.

Want to know more about what it means to be a member?
What roles and opportunities there are?
Click HERE to find out.

Find out More

Want to sign up your Family / Household?
FoVS can accept membership from families [2], as we welcome participation from all. However, due to the limitation of the below form we are unable to offer one-form sign up.
Please complete a separate form for each Adult Member of the family joining and let us know where they connect. We will look to combine the details in our database.

[1] Please note: joining FoVS as a member is not joining The Penarth Civic Society as a member.
Please visit their website for details of how you can do that.
[2] P
lease do not give children's details in the form, though let us know you are joining as a family - see entry field on form for how to do this.
[2] Though being within a reasonable commuting distance helps if you're looking to join in...

If you wish to make a donation to us at this time, please click this button for details as to how this is currently done (via PCS).

Memberhip Form

Join Friends of Victoria Square

The personal information you provide will only be used to enable Friends of Victoria Square (FoVS) to communicate with you regarding their activities and to best match you with volunteering opportunities. This will be done in accordance with your communication preferences, FoVS Privacy notice and GDPR legislation. By joining you will need to read and agree to our Equality & Diversity Policy.

Preferred method of communication
How are you interested in getting involved? Please tick all that are relevant

There are many more roles/tasks we have and activities that we do that are not listed here (for space reasons), and we're always looking for new ideas.

You are welcome to bring any suggestions to us, so we can further expand and improve our organisation.

Thank you for taking an interest in Joining FoVS. Please note it may take a while for your application to be processed. You will receive a formal confirmation from our Membership Secretary and can then begin taking part in Member Activities.
Until then you are still free to come along to The Square when we are out & about, and chat with us.

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