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What is our Community Garden?

The Community Garden is an area where we plan to grow different types of crops and edible plants throughout the year that we can then share in various ways with The Community. What we will grow will depend on several factors (such as preference, availability, crop rotation, season etc.).

The Garden itself consists of Five Raised Beds (See Below for more details).

Why we chose to build one.

While much of our work is more to do with caring for Victoria Square with nature and conservation work, The Community Garden was added as a way of allowing those with more of an interest in what it can offer a chance to Get Involved with our work, as well as to add some variety to it.

Building the garden with raised beds had many practical reasons. Firstly, the ground of The Square is heavy clay, so digging this out would be difficult, and we may also have encountered 

How we built it

The Community Garden was built by...
Members of Good Gym Cardiff & The Vale...


The Community Garden is best accessed from the path on the south side, over a short patch of grass. We currently have placed woodchip around the base of the beds to help suppress weeds and grass, as well as make it a less slippery in wetter conditions. We are considering options for grip-matting to help make that area even easier to traverse.

How you should help to protect it.

Please do not climb or walk on the beds. Doing so will cause damage to plants, seedlings and hidden bulbs.
Produce should not be picked, until we say so. We know when our crops are ripe, and so will let you know when they can be harvested. Some crops we'll harvest ourselves for you to take.
Things like the herbs are usually available almost all year round, and can be taken at any time (though when flowering some should not be taken for propagation - see our handy guide
Please keep rubbish off the area.

What is growing there

There are Five Beds in The Community Garden. Each bed will grow different things throughout the year. We will look to keep this section updated as to what, as well as the progress of growth, and expected harvesting time.

Current Crops

Current Crops

This bed is mostly given to herbs.
Mint, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Fennel, Chives
Also Comfrey

Deadwood Hedge

Current Crops
Rainbow Chard
Green Manure
Pak Choi (Purple)

Current Crops

Newly Planted / Seeded
Almost Ready
Can be Harvested
Not for taking

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FOVS Victoria Square 2021 09 26 (6).JPG
FOVS Victoria Square 2021 09 26 (6).JPG
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