Cross-Community Connections

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What are our Cross-Community Connections?

There are many other community groups & organisations in and around the town of Penarth that either have similar interests as us, or we work with for various projects, collaborations or exchanges of knowledge, resources, services, & ideas. Some of our members are even members of these groups, which is great as it helps to strengthen our relationships between us all.

Many of these groups are helping to establish and maintain a network of connections, not only so we can help promote each other, but also to ensure we can help direct people towards a particular group that might either be better suited for their needs (in terms of what they offer), or volunteering preferences. Plus we can also look to see what events we each hold may clash, or we can invite each other to be a part of.

The following is a list of local groups added as part of this scheme.
Please also see the work done by Penarth Growing Community (herehere*) to create a directory, and also our Community Events Calendar, where you'll be able to see many of the public events ourselves and other groups are running.

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The Penarth Civic Society is a an independent, non-political, voluntary organization (constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organization), that focuses on the heritage, people and future development of Penarth

We are a sub-group of the PCS, along with the following:

Penarth Civic Society


Penarth Tree Forum (PTF)

This group work with the VoG & Penarth Town Councils to help monitor and maintain many of the public trees around the town.

As Victoria Square is full of trees, the PTF help us to look after them.

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The Italian Gardens

The Italian Gardens are another green-space located beside The Esplanade, with a view over the Severn Estuary

The Italian Gardens are another green-space located beside The Esplanade, with a view over the Severn Estuary


Railway Path Project, Penarth

The Railway Path is a stretch of land following the where the old Penarth to Barry railway line ran, south of Penarth Town Station. These volunteers help to maintain it through various means (e.g. bramble cutting, litter picking etc.)

A few of our members also help out with this project.


Penarth Beach Wardens

They are responsible for Penarth Beach (see PCS website for more details).

As we are not a beach area, we don't really have any direct involvement with the Beach Wardens. This listed is included here as part of the PCS sub-group listings.

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Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG)

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GPG are a group dedicated to raising awareness of climate issues and look at ways that we can all live a more sustainable life

They have a number of sub groups, some of which we work with. These include:


Penarth Growing Community (PGC)

PGC are a group of local residents who share a keen enthusiasm in gardening. This group allows them to come together to share techniques, ideas, growing spaces and plants.
The PGC are responsible for the Community Garden at West House and work with places like Belle Vue Park & Alexandra Park too.
They Also do a Seed & Plant Exchange* around the town.

Many of our members are also members of PGC, and we are looking of ways our Community Garden and its care team can be involved in things like, plant shares & exchanges, growing tips and plant monitoring etc. As we will also be doing plant offers (via our Sharing Table) we may be included in their Seed & Plant Exchange list for 2022.

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Benthyg Penarth

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Benthyg is a local Library of Things. Unlike traditional libraries that loan out books, it contains a number of useful items that people can borrow (for a small fee). Things on offer depend on what has been donated to them, and include items such as DIY tools, Kitchenware, Children's Items & Gardening Equipment.

If we ever need tools we don't have, we'll be looking to see if we can borrow from them.


FRIENDS OF...(and other similar groups)


There are other similar groups to ours around Penarth (though they each have their own distinctions, based around the style of their location).

...Alexandra Park

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Alexandra Park is the biggest and most well known park of Penarth.

Details of this group are unavailable

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Arcot St Triangle.jpg

Arcot Street Triangle

Known as "Penarth's Smallest Park", The Triangle can be found on the corner at the top of Arcot Street & High St. They work with Penarth Gardening Club to design and maintain the look of this tiny, local green-space.

How we are involved with them.

No Website.

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...Belle Vue Park

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[Text Blurb]

How we are involved with them.


...Bute Green (Bute Cottage)

A new group, just starting up in October 2021, with the aim to try and preserve Bute Cottage Green (located near to Dingle Station) as a community space and gain it Village Green status. They work with Bute Cottage Nursery located next to the greenspace to help utilise it.
Features include: Community Growing Beds, an Orchard, Picnic Benches.

There are community growing beds on The Green, and an orchard, so we may establish links with them to help with growing and harvesting (along with PGC)

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No Website


...Dingle Park

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A group of locals coming together to look after Dingle Park. c2011.

Sadly, it appears this group is either in decline, or has been abandoned. However, the PCS (& PTF) are looking at ways it can be revived.

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No Website


...Golden Gate Park

Details to be added soon.
Features include: A playground, orchard.

[How we are involved with them]

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No Website

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...The Kymin

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Friends of The Kymin promote public access and enjoyment of The Park.
The Kymin. Beach Hill, Penarth

FoTK are an associated group with PGC.


Other Groups


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Penarth Open Gardens (POG)

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Penarth Open Gardens is an annual event that takes place on the last weekend of July. It is a showcase of local private gardens dotted throughout Penarth and its surrounds... as well as the occasional specialist garden, such as Westbourne Rd Allotments, Penarth Library Children's GardenCosmeston Medieval Herb Garden.
In addition to viewing the gardens, the public can purchase plants, homemade produce and other items, with the funds going to the Children's Society*.

Some of our members visit the gardens each year. In 2022 we may be looking to add Victoria Square (Community Garden and Projects) to their tour.


Penarth Pickers


Penarth Pickers are a local group of volunteers who help Keep Penarth Tidy. They are often [unseen] around the town, picking up litter from the streets and beaches, parks and green-spaces. Unsung heroes of Penarth.
They work with and under the guidance of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.
If you also wish to help out with litter picking in the area you can request council bags from Bags must only be used for street rubbish and not general household rubbish.

No Website.

They also help keep the area around Victoria Square tidy (along with All Saints Church).

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Penarth Ramblers

Penarth Ramblers ramble all over Penarth, The Vale and other locations. They are a friendly group of walkers, who like to get out-and-about.

Penarth Ramblers occasionally Ramble through The Square, and sometimes do Walk & Talks as part of that ramble. Perhaps one day we can do them a site tour.

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East Vale Community Transport

EVCT are a group of volunteer drivers who can help transport people around Penarth and is surrounds.

They are based at West House.

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Grow Cardiff

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Grow Cardiff are similar to PGC & GPG in that they look after a variety of growing projects and locations around Cardiff.

Grow Cardiff are helping us out with expanding our knowledge on promoting the group and our abilities to engage with the wider community.


Good Gym
Cardiff & The Vale

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Good Gym are a Community of people who combine Getting Fit with Helping People. Their members offer their assistance as Helping Hands to physical projects as a way of both exersising and contributing to their local Community.

Good Gym Cardiff & Vale members have helped us out with a number of our projects that involved physical labour, including completion of The Community Garden's Raised Beds, and the planting of 6000 bulbs in The Square (Nov21)


Sound Women Choir

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Sound Women are a local Penarth A Cappella Choir made up of women who like to sing.

Sound Women lead the singing at our Carol Concerts. We also share some members.


Other Penarth Parks & Green-Spaces

  • Other PARKS


  • Clifftop Park (& Playground)

  • Headlands Park

  • Paget Rd Park (& Playground)

  • Plassey Square (& Playground)

  • Penarth Head Park

  • Plymouth Park (Penarth Marina)

  • St. Cyres Park

  • St. Josephs Park

  • Victoria Park (Penarth)

  • Windsor Gardens

  • Wordsworth Park (& Playground)


  • Trwyn Larnog Nature Reserve (Sully) - St Mary's Well Bay Rd Sully Penarth CF64 5XQ


  • Westbourne Rd

  • Windsor Rd

  • Paget Rd


Cosmeston Country Park

A Vale of Glamorgan managed park, located just south of us in Lower Penarth. They are a wildlife nature & conservation location. Free for the public to visit.

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Penarth Tree Forum (PCS) help to manage the Orchard and other tree at this location.

Cosmeston Medieval Village & Herb Garden

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Part of the Country Park, the Medieval Village showcases what a typical welsh Village would look like at that time. In addition to this they have a garden, where they exclusively grow herbs and other plants that would have been around in Wales during that period of history. While it is managed by VoG, it is maintained by volunteers.

The Herb garden is sometimes open to the public during Penarth Open Gardens.


Other VoG Parks & Green-Spaces

Dyffryn Gardens

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55 Acres of Edwardian Gardens found in the The Vale.

A few of our members do/have worked at Dyffryn, though we have no formal connection as of yet. They do help us with advice and knowledge though.

Cowbridge Physic Garden

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55 Acres of Edwardian Gardens found in the The Vale.

We have no involvement with them yet.

Trwyn Larnog Nature Reserve (Wildlife Trust)

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Not many people know about this nature reserve, tucked between two caravan parks beside Lavernock Point.

We have no involvement with them yet.



These are some of the businesses that we have used or worked with us/VoG in a variety of ways.

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Stol Coffee is a small (one-man & his trikes), locally run independent, mobile coffee company that specialises in delivering coffee, cookies & conversation to the people of Penarth. Owned & operated by Piotr "The Coffi" Skoczylas

We often ask Piotr to attend our Saturday Sessions @ The Square to help give our thirsty volunteers a much needed boost. Piotr and his family are also members.

Growing Together

Growing Together is a scheme, challenge & philosophy promoted by Piotr. Much like what we're doing here (on this page), it is all about Connecting with The Community.
You can check out more about it here*

Socially Aware

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Socially Aware is a small, local, Penarth business that helps other local small businesses and organisations set up their online presence. From Websites to Social Media, Brand Development and Marketing Support, Socially Aware can help with it all.
It is owned & run by Emma Cahill.

Emma & Socially Aware, is responsible for getting us going online. It is thanks to her that this website exists. (She also helped the Penarth Civic Society with their site.) - Thank You.

Terrain Aeration

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Terrain Aeration is a company specialising specifically in the de-compaction of soil and root zones of trees and turf for both private residential gardens & professional sports surfaces such as golf courses, football pitches and bowling greens etc. This is done to help improve the drainage.

Terrain Aeration came to do this for Victoria Square. You can watch them in action here.

Steve Ambler & Sons (Tree Specialists)

Steve Ambler & Sons are professional Aboricultural & Woodlands Specialists covering South Wales & surrounding areas. They work with the VoG Council to help mange its trees.
They are responsible for our initial tree survey, and one of their specialists, Vaughan Lewis came along in October 2021 to give us a Tree Walk & Talk.

Steve Ambler Trees Logo.jpg

ESA Tree Care Ltd

ESA are a firm contracted by The Vale of Glamorgan Council to carry out work on public trees around The Vale. This included the work on Oak 48. They have also worked on the trees of The Railway Path and other places in Penarth.

ESA Tree Care.png


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All Saints Church (Church in Wales)

All Saints is the Church in Wales church located at the centre of Victoria Square. They own the part of the land immediately surrounding it.

As we are located next to them, we aim to ensure they are informed about what we do, and where possible are involved in our work. In return they offer us space to hold meetings, as well as invites to church events taking place in The Square.
The Church also has a rota for litter-picking The Square to Keep it Tidy.