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What is a Bog Garden?

A Bog Garden is a a garden specifically designed to take advantage of wetter ground conditions, and contains plants that thrive well in these conditions. The natural water can also be used to create a mini pond area, where small, amphibious and waterborne life forms can hopefully make use of.

Why we chose to build one.

Victoria Square is quite a watery area, as much of the ground soil is made up of a clay soil (a common feature in and around Penarth. Because of the water retaining property this creates, it gave us an opportunity to add a water feature to The Square that not only took advantage of this, but will allow us to grow plants that wouldn't thrive so well without its support. It also has a big advantage over a feature like a pond, in being safer and less prone to the issues of maintaining one.

How we built it

A suitable site was chosen, and stripped of turf. Next layers of sand and gravel were added, and shaped to form hills and valleys, the purpose of which were to help retain the water. Plants were then added.
The removed turf and soil was piled around the edge to form a natural raised border for this feature.

Please note this information is lacking details as they are pending from source. This will be updated as soon as they are available.

Unusual discovery & how we integrated it.

At the location chosen there was an old drain point. This was integrated into the structure.

What is growing there

Plants of The Bog Garden coming soon.


The Bog Garden is located in an area of rough-mown, uneven-ground. While it is close enough to Victoria Road that it can be viewed from the pavement, getting closer in a wheelchair may be a little difficult in wetter conditions.
The Bog is surrounded by a small humped border, which is easy to look over.

How you should help to protect it.

PLEASE DO ENTER THE GRAVEL AREA. Doing so will disturb the configured sculpting of it, and may also cause damage to under-laying areas & plants.
Plants should also not be picked, cut or moved. While you may smell the mint there, please do not take cuttings yourself (we will offer these out at a suitable time). Please also do not pick the flowers.
Please keep rubbish off the area.

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