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Vale of Glamorgan Council

Council Owned Land & Public Green Space.
Despite our work there, Victoria Square is still a public Green-Space, which is owned and maintained on behalf of the people of Penarth by The Vale of Glamorgan Council. We work in consultation & collaboration with them, and with their guidance, permission & restrictions.

This means that not everything done there is done by us, and not everything there is our responsibility.

If you find issue with anything at The Square that is outside of our own work, please contact them. If you are unsure, Contact Us and we can let you know.

Square Amenities
This includes all Street Lights, Street Signs, Litter Bins, Benches and other Street Furniture (that is not owned by private companies), located both inside the green-space and the surrounding street.

Roads, Paving & Paths.
All road surfaces, pavements surrounding the green-space & paths within.

Green-space Land
VoG own all of the 'parkland' external to the path that surrounds All Saints Church (which own the bit on their side). They are responsible for all ground maintenance that has to involve professional action.

VoG own and maintain all the trees of Victoria Square. They work in consultation and collaboration with us on any issues relating to them though, as well as with The Penarth Tree Forum, (and Penarth Town Council, where applicable). Whenever work is needed to be done on the trees, it is the VoG who contract the specialists needed.

Litter & Waste Collection.
While ourselves, The Litter Picker rota of All Saints Church & Penarth Pickers all do litter picking with the square, this is done as a courtesy. Where possible we will use council bags, as these will be collected by them when they collect the bin rubbish.*

Other things
Drains & Drainage. Power, Gas, Electricity & Water mains - contact governing suppliers.

This page does need a bit of fact-checking before it can be signed off as correct. If there are any mistakes at this stage please take this into account (and Contact Us if you are able to supply us with the correct information required).

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