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News 2021

Upcoming Events (see EVENTS PAGE for more details):
December newsletter can be found here
18th (Sat) - The final Saturday Session before Christmas. The volunteers who attended held some more mini-festivities with leftover mince pies and mulled wine from the Carol Concert.
15th (Wed) - Carols In The Square took place, with Sound Women, Penarth's A Cappella Choir leading the singing.
11th (Sat) - The Volunteers extend the Deadwood Hedge, trim the evergreen trees near Oak 48.
04th (Sat) - The Volunteers hold a small Thank You Get-together during the Saturday Session, with mince pies, mulled wine and other home-made treats on offer.
1st (Wed) - The Committee hold a meeting to discuss future planning for next year, including potential projects ranging from site seating, Community Engagements and what to do with all that wood from Oak48
1st (Wed)- 15th (Wed) - Victoria Primary School Event @ Victoria Square - Lanterns in the Square.

27th (Sat)
- With Blub Planting November finishing a week early, the volunteers go back to more regular tasks.
23rd-24th (Tue-Wed) - VoG Contracted tree specialists to dismantle Oak48
- We ended up planting the remaining 1500 bulbs, meaning we finished a week early. We also put up some new bird and bat boxes.
17th (Wed) - History Talk (History of All Saints Church)
13th (Sat) BULB PLANTING NOVEMBER - we planted around 500/1000 Tenby Daffodils
06th (Sat) BULB PLANTING NOVEMBER - we planted around 4500/5000 English Bluebell Bulbs
01st (Mon)-6th (Sat) - Post Halloween Pumpkin After Party

31st (Sun) - 130th Anniversary of The Consecration of All Saints Church.
30th (Sat) - We host a Tree Talk & Walk at The Square, as well as a plant sale (by donation). At the same time, Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) with Penarth Growing Community (PGC), Penarth Civic Society (PCS), Penarth Tree Forum (PCS:PTF) also host Community Fest at West House. Stol Coffee help us all out.
14th (Thu) - We are awarded a GREEN FLAG COMMUNITY AWARD!!!
06th (Wed) - The group hold a meeting that about the work so far and How we're going to move forward with our planning towards Connecting to the Community. A representative from Grow Cardiff was due to give a talk helping us on the subject, but unfortunately was unable to attend (a new date for this has been set for the near future)
05th (Tue) - A company called Terrain Aeration came to improve the drainage of the clay earth of The Square. You can watch them in action on our You Tube Channel
02nd (Sat) - Work begins on The Community Garden to prep it for autumn & winter.

September Newsletter can be found here
30th (Thu) - And made the Front Page of the Penarth Times too...
28th (Tue) - We are featured on the Penarth Times Website * Again!!!
25th (Sat) - 
18th (Sat) - Hibernacula #2 & #3 are mostly finished.
11th (Sat) - Hibernaculum #1 is mostly finished and #2 & #3 are started
04th (Sat) - The Group begin work on the first 3 Hibernacula

August Newsletter currently not on the site
14th (Sat) - The Group held an Open Day, from which many new members were found.
11th (Wed) - Penarth Times kindly announceour Open Day (above)

No Newsletter currently available on the site

No Newsletter currently available on the site

No Newsletter currently available on the site

No Newsletter currently available on the site

March Newsletter can be found here (Please note this is a re-mastered version for better web display)
No Newsletter currently available on the site

January Newsletter can be found here

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